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i love you, its disgusting; upbeat romantic playlist

7 ziyaret
Şazıman Türkoğlu

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Kofi; https://ko-fi.com/rogueskye
Spotify playlist; https://open.spotify.com/playl....ist/125GNlwFZYDMV9cI

My videos eventually get ads. I don't make any money off of these, it's all monetized due to copyright.

Three ways to fix this are―
1) Go to the end of the video and replay, so it thinks you've already listened to it
2) Go to youtubeloop.net so it can play with no ads
3) Use a real good adblocker

None of this music is mine, all of the credit goes to their rightful owners. I don't, nor will ever, claim to own the rights to any songs, gifs, or photos used in my videos. I make my videos for entertainment purposes only.

#romance #upbeat #romantic

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