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OMG: Cantina Band - Star Wars String Trio Cover | UpBeat Recessional Wedding Song

13 ziyaret
Şazıman Türkoğlu

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Our Classical and Pop String Trio is popular choice of live music and entertainment for weddings, private events, and corporate functions. We recommend our trio for mid-sized events to provide music for wedding ceremonies or entertain guests during cocktail hour. Our trio can play a wide variety of music genres such as classical, hip-hop, jazz, modern, rock, and pop music. They have over 1000 songs in our library and accept special song requests. Our most popular String Trio is composed of Violin, Viola, and Cello players but we accommodate other instrument requests according to your preference.

Ocdamia Music Group, LLC aims to provide a live concert-type performance to weddings, corporate functions, and special events with our multi-cultural, professional members. We play a variety of music genres from Classical to Pop, Jazz, Rock, and anything in between. OMG is on a mission to make your events unforgettable by allowing you to customize a playlist, arrange special song request, write a personal theme song and provide attentive customer service that you deserve.


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