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Upbeat and Happy Pop Background Music For Videos

12 ziyaret
Şazıman Türkoğlu

🎵 Use this music in your videos: https://morninglightmusic.io/
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🎵 Background Music For Videos. If you are a YouTuber, or any other video creator, MorningLightMusic is the perfect place to start your journey to creating great content. Our music subscription offers unlimited downloads of our music library. We also offer Content ID clearing, so you can monetize your videos copyright free.

🎵 Our Library: https://morninglightmusic.io/browse/

🎵 Timestamps:
0:00 Energetic Upbeat Pop
2:15 Party On
5:03 Pool Party
7:28 Summer Time
9:42 The Future Is Yours

🎵 Music Playlists: https://morninglightmusic.io/playlists/

Sign up for a subscription and get access to all current and future tracks from our library. Use our music as background music for videos, podcasts, social media, ads, websites, and even TV and Radio. You can use the music in all your projects, as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel your subscription, your previous content is still covered.

►Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/79SMOJNIPPXaOYnlwx
►Video footage available at FilmPac: http://bit.ly/2zwW03e

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